It's time to create the space for you to THRIVE.

We’re here to help you recognize your own value, take care of your mental health, and achieve the wellbeing you desire.


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we get you.

You’re a highly driven and accomplished woman and you’re always craving more – 

more passionmore freedommore love in your life…

You’re finally ready to put your “stuff” (your desires, passions, and needs) centerstage instead of on the backburner. You’re ready to learn the tangible tools and techniques to help you stop putting fill in the blank first and start prioritizing YOURSELF.

And we’re ready to help you navigate it all! 

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who we are.

Hiiiiiiii! We’re Her Therapy Space, a DC based licensed mental health private practice on a mission...

We’re on a mission to help millennial Black + Brown women experience true transformation through 1:1 services, resources, and engagement in a community that celebrates the good, the bad and the ugly of life—together.

In June 2019, our founder Kristin Winchester took a huge leap of faith to start HTS because of her desire to fill the gap between traditional therapy and the mental health and wellness needs of modern millennial women of color.

 and the rest was history…

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