5 Benefits of Journaling

By Kristin Winchester

There’s so much research out there that validates how helpful the practice of journaling can be. It allows you to take back control of your mental health and wellness and helps with coping with feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and more. 

And it doesn’t take much. 

Just a few minutes of journaling (and establishing a consistent practice) can make a world of difference. 

Here are just 5 of the many benefits that you’ll get to experience as a direct result of journaling. 

1. Improve your ability to process your thoughts and emotions.

Journaling provides you the space to write down these thoughts and analyze them in a much deeper way than you normally might. 

You’re literally forced to analyze your thoughts, emotions, and experiences while engaging in the process. There’s nowhere to run and hide from it. It’s right there in front of you. 

2. Increase self-awareness. 

Self-awareness is all about understanding your own needs, desires, strengths, weaknesses, habits, and everything else that makes you tick. Journaling allows you to get to know yourself on a whole different level. 

When you have a better understanding of yourself, you are then empowered to make the necessary changes that you desire as well as build on your strengths. 

3. Regain control of your thoughts and change the way you think. 

Changing the way you think begins by paying attention to your thought process. You have to identify any unhelpful ways of thinking and then work to eliminate them. That’s where journaling comes in. Once you start writing out your thoughts on a consistent basis, you’ll be better able to challenge those ways of thinking and identifying ways to shift perspectives. 

4. Track the progress you’ve made over time. 

When you look back over the pages of your journal, you’ll be able to identify specific ways that you’ve grown, negative thought patterns that you’ve shattered and actions that you’ve taken to RECLAIM your life. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the progress that has been made if you don’t take the time out to actually acknowledge it and reflect. 

5. Hold yourself accountable to taking action and taking better care of yourself. 

By deciding to finally take action, you’ll start putting energy and time into those tasks that are most important. The more time and energy that you devote to making things happen, the easier it will become. Over time, your momentum will continue to build. Things will become like second nature to you. You will be closer and closer to achieving all of your goals. 

These benefits (and more) are why we are huge advocates for journaling on a regular basis as a means to cope effectively with all that we have going on in our lives. That’s why we’ve built a journaling system right into this community and we pray that you find it just as helpful. 

Do you already journal? Are you trying to build consistency in your practice? Let us know where you are below! 👇

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